Thursday, July 26, 2012

MSM: The Greatest Olympic-Related Press Release Ever

I get some pretty wild press releases in my many e-mail inboxes. This one, however, can be erected (see what I did there) as the most interesting ever. Have a gander. Good luck to those who enter, but please don't tell me if you did.

Premier Adult Entertainment Site Launches First Ever Olymdicks

Stand tall, gentlemen all over the world, for your country needs you!, the premier online destination for adult entertainment, is proud to present its first ever Olymdicks, a global competition that encourages, and even embraces participation from the skinniest, fattest, tallest, shortest and most decorated “members”.

From July 27 to August 12, men from all corners of the globe will be asked to submit photos of their manhood to a specialized landing page on the Pornhub website, where the number of entries from each country will be tallied on a live leaderboard. The country with the highest number of unique entrants will be crowned the Olymdicks Champion Nation!

Beyond the feeling of national pride, randomly selected entrants from the winning and runner-up nations will be rewarded with PornHub Premium Accounts and a range of branded T-Shirts. And to make proceedings official, Pornhub will use all photo entries from the winning nation to design a customized national flag, which will be hoisted to full mast at the closing of the games.

How do you enter the competition, you ask?

Take a pic of your package marked with the words “Pornhub” or “PH”
Upload and submit your photo to the Olymdicks landing page here:
Check back daily to monitor the Leaderboard
Encourage your fellow countrymen – but remember this is a solo sport
With just a matter of hours until the Games tip-off, only one question remains: Will you flop under the pressure, or ultimately rise to the occasion?

For more information about the First Annual Olymdick Games, or to speak with a representative of Pornhub, feel free to reach out to us on austin at

-End Press Release (Mercifully)-



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