Monday, November 14, 2005

I Think I am Well Enough to Come Back

First off hats off to Indy for their Monday night blowout last week. They were able to take advantage of a mistake by Corey Dillon and a horrid defensive effort. The real test for them comes the next two weeks when they face Cincy on the road and Pittsburgh the following Monday. I can only hope a Pats team that is half healthy can get a chance to redeem themselves in January.

Moving on, a little analysis for tonight's Monday Night Game. This game is a desperation game for Philly. They have already played their first game without TO, they know what they need to do, they are playing a Dallas team that thoroughly embarrassed them a few weeks ago. Expect constant pressure from the Eagles D, which will cause more than few Dallas "3 and outs" and a couple of turnovers. Final score...Philly 23 Dallas 10.

Although they made Gus Frerotte look like Dan Fouts yesterday, the Patriots defense FINALLY made some plays when they needed to. Ellis Hobbs is making Pats Fans every ask "Why were you behind Duane Starks?". Tedy Bruschi was playing like a maniac and I believe a key pass defense on a third down that saved a touchdown was a turning point in the game. It was almost like the defense realized "hey, wow, we actually CAN knock down a pass"!

The New York Yankees are reportedly close to re-signing Hideki Matsui, which they have to do before midnight tomorrow or they won't be able to speak with him until after May 1st. I think an announcement will come out later on today or tomorrow announcing a new deal. In other Yankee news, the Yanks have interest in free agent outfielder Brian Giles and the feeling is mutual. There is talk he could play center, but I would prefer a Gary Sheffield trade to anywhere for anything, put Giles in right and get Milton Bradley or Brad Wilkerson to play center. That to me would put a spark in the outfield and in the lineup that is desperately needed and give the Yanks that look of an NL Style team, which was a key component to their dominance in the late 90's. Sprinkle a signing of BJ Ryan as the heir apparent and new setup man for Mo Rivera, get a couple of fill in the pen guys that have the ability to pitch and you have your self another AL East title and a much better chance to do something in the postseason. If only these Ichiro trade rumors had some legs, , now THAT would be an outfield. Can you imagine?

I am beginning to believe the team that will give New York the toughest competition next year in the AL East will be Toronto. If they sign AJ Burnett to be the second guy behind a healthy Roy Halladay and they get another bat in there, they have enough talent to bump a Boston team from the second place perch. I was reading the employment times yesterday and saw this help wanted ad-
"Are You the Right Person? Do you constantly make decisions that are second guessed by your boss? Has he or she ever pulled the plug on a business deal you want to make because they don't trust your judgment? Are able to handle criticism in your company newsletter? Are you able to say "Yes, sir" with a smile? Then you might be the person we are looking for! We have a current opening as executive secretary...err..general manager of our baseball club. Benefits include, health insurance, 401k and a free subscription to the Boston Globe and Ny Times. Interested applicants may apply at Yawkey Way in Boston. Open house will be on Thursday from 3-6 at the Cask N Flaggon. All are welcome to apply!

That is all for today. Plays for tonight...

Philly -2 1/2
Under 40
Princeton -3 1/2 (NCAA Hoops)



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