Friday, February 17, 2006

Scott Erickson? Is He Bringing His Wife?

Pitchers and catchers have now reported to spring training, and some interesting news has come out of camps already. The first snippet, of course, is that Kerry Wood has no timetable to resume throwing. There is a shocker right there. Who would have thought a workhorse-type like Wood, who has been so durable in his Major League career, would start off the season hurt? This is like saying Barry Bonds isn't a team first guy. I am stunned and shocked by this development, as you all should be. What's next, Mark Prior breaks his finger slamming it in a car door? The Cubs are already in trouble.

Scott Erickson signed a minor-league deal with the Yankees yesterday, supposedly on the advice of Jason Giambi, who I believe is lining up for a front office job when he retires. I always love it when the team acts on a player's or former player's advice (IE Doc Gooden for Gary Sheffield). Why even bother with a scouting department? Honestly, I say we just interview the players and ask them if there was anyone in the minors they thought "deserved a shot" or any former teammates who they might want to bring in from Japan or Newark. For the love of god, it was pretty obvious last year Erickson was the least talented half of his marriage. Yes he was a good pitcher once, but he has had two major arm surgeries. He doesn't have much left. Maybe he pitches well enough to latch on with D-Rays or some other pitching starved team, but I don't like the idea of it. Maybe Derek Jeter can get a buddy on his high school team an invitation. Of course, George Steinbrenner may threaten to run them over with his golf cart and make it a moot point, LOL. If you haven't read the interview in the New York Post with Big Stein, go to and go into the sports section. It is a pretty funny read, to say the least. I guess George was joking and laughing while saying it, but if you didn't know that while reading the article, you would think he was serious.

AJ Burnett will win no more than 10 games. Mark my words. He will take Carl Pavano's "Darren Dreifort Award" away from him this year. I still think the Jay's will be good enough to compete without any contribution from him, their offense will be great and I hope Roy Halladay comes back and better than ever. They can still contend, but for all you fellow fantasy owners, draft him at your own risk. Others I am staying away from this year...

1. Dontrelle Willis (how much run support will he get?)
2. Pedro Martinez (this toe thing just bothers me)
3. Barry Bonds (if you need to know why just take up knitting)
4. Eric Gagne (probably won't be back to form for at least a year)
5. Roger Clemens (why bother using a pick on guy who might not pitch at all, and even if he does it won't be until at least May? You can't put him on the DL)
6. Kevin Millwood (Big contract, hitter's park = big time drop-off)
7. Alfonso Soriano (His attitude sucks, his park is terrible for hitter's, moving to a new league, I'm all set, thanks)
8. Carlos Delgado (every time the Mets sign a free agent slugger, what happens? see Vaughn, Mo for an example)
9. Garret Anderson (the word arthritis = pass to me)
10. Any of the White Sox starters (does anyone else smell a big dropoff here?)

I would release sleepers but I will wait until all my competitive drafts are complete (IE my Big Jab League and Androscoggin County Sheriff's League). I already had one draft today and I feel pretty good about it. Pujols, Reyes, Furcal, Carpenter and Chacon were my favorite picks (I will tell you now, Shawn Chacon is going to win 20 games this year. One of my best friend's, who is a Sox fan, agrees). Chacon will be the ace by the All-Star Break, you heard it here first.

Any one else in agreement with me that Ozzie Guillen should be punched in the face? If none have heard his recent interview, he basically says that Joe Torre, Jim Leyland, Bobby Cox, Tony LaRussa,Lou Piniella,and Sparky Anderson aren't good managers. This from a man who advanced in the playoffs this year because of one of the worst umpire call since 1985. I didn't care about the White Sox last year, now I can honestly say I root for nothing but bad things to happen to this team. I was picking the Tigers to win this division anyways, now I really hope I am right.

Well that's all for now. Baseball season is here, so you will be reading more and more things from the blog. Until next time, it's the last time....


Anonymous said...

How are the Cubs already in trouble? Wood is returning from September labrum surgery, not an easy procedure to return from. He might start the year on the DL but it's not because he's injured any more than he was last season. And why the gratuitous rant on Prior? Your comments make no sense. I'd pick a name, but I won't be back.


MattyMSM said...

It's too bad you won't be back, but you obviously don't get what I said. Prior constantly has freak injuries happen to him, and for the Cubs to win the division, Wood and Prior need to make 60 starts combined. If you think I am crazy, Steve Stone, Cubs Broadcaster, said the EXACT SAME THING a week ago on XM channel 175. He also said the odds of those two combining for 60 starts were the same as pigs flying, so I believe he made my point right there. Would I like to see the Cubs win it? Of course. Will they? Not until they can make it through spring training without one of those two pitchers appearing on the injury report or DL. Too bad you stand so firmly behind your comments you log in as anonymous. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Steve Stone. LOL

MattyMSM said...

I said the Cubs were already in trouble, and sure enough, Derek Lee breaks his wrist in a collision with Rafael Furcal of all people, Prior and Wood STILL haven't pitched one inning this season and the Cubs are falling farther and farther behind. Boy I guess I didn't know what I was talking about...


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