Tuesday, July 31, 2007

4pm Update

The big news that came from the last hour of the trade deadline is....


Nobody did anything. Again. (Is Jim Bowden actually alive?)

The Yankees weakened their bullpen significantly and they will now have to rely on Kyle Farnsworth even more now, which is ironic considering they were practically begging teams to take him off their hands. Not a good situation.

The Mets, Cubs, and Tigers must be fairly confident that the pitchers they have coming back from injury will help them enough that they can afford to wait.

Bill Stoneman and the Angels STILL haven't added a power bat behind a visibly weary Vlad Guerrero. The Angels I truly believe are one more bat away from running away from that division and becoming the best team in baseball. The amazing thing this has been the case for about 2 and half years and Stoneman STILL hasn't pulled the trigger on any deal. Meanwhile, many of his prized prospects like Dallas McPherson and Ervin Santana have not lived up to the hype. The window for the Angels to contend with Vlad, who is in his prime, is closing, and Arte Moreno needs to let Stoneman know that he needs to do something, soon.

I am very impressed with John Schuerholz, he made some very shrewd moves and that Atlanta lineup may be the best they have had since the Fred McGriff-David Justice days, possibly even better. Now they just need Kelly Johnson to be Mark Lemke in October. I am done for the day, will probably watch the Celts press conference at 5;30. No blog tomorrow, but will certainly be back on Thursday.

By the way, watching Chris Russo on yes right now is just hilarious. The New York fan base is on the verge of jumping off a cliff, and Mike Fransesca is on vacation! Poor Mad Dog...



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