Friday, August 03, 2007


Thoughts and recaps and even some links today...

First off thank the maker that Barry L Bonds didn't tie that record in Chavez Ravine. That could have been ugly. I honestly thought the nation's terror alert was going to be upgraded when Bonds so much as hit a single to right field. I wonder how much he will play in San Diego this weekend.

Vladdy Guerrero busted out of a homerun slump with two of them last night. Keep in mind he has still been hitting well and driving in runs during the homer less drought, but when there is no one else in the lineup with so much as 20 homer a year power, a team, it's media and fan base all notice.

Got to watch the Nationals in HD last night thanks to Directv's Extra Innnings Superfan package. Luckily no close up shots up Jim Bowden. Of course, he would actually have to be in attendance and caring about the franchise to be shown on camera. In HD, Dmitri Young and Ronnie Belliard still don't look like they are worth contract extensions.

Watched most of the Astros/Braves game last night, aka the thing that wouldn't die. God bless Jason Jennings for hitting an rbi single in the 14th before it came down to utility players pitching. I believe the 'Stros actually matched half of their total season run output in this game alone. The Braves are going to be very tough to deal with in the NL East, as this may be the best NL offensive lineup since the 93 Braves. Edgar Renteria hurt his ankle in the 8th and may miss some time. Bobby Cox had to get creative and moved Chipper Jones to short and Willie Hrris to third in the wake of the injury.

Eric Gagne's Red Sox debut was good, bad, and scary, but I wouldn't be too concerned. It's not like he pulled a Lee Smith or Alan Embree on opening day in 1988 and 2003 and gave up a walk off homer.

JD Drew's only son took a fall and broke his collarbone, and it led to another surprise finding. I hope the kid is ok, and more importantly, rehabs better than his dad (yes, I know, I know, but who wouldn't take that shot if the same thing happened to Carl Pavano?).

The Yankees stormed back to tie the ChiSox yesterday, only to be undone by defense and Kyle Farnsworth. If it makes Yanks fans feel any better Scott Proctor's line last night wasn't any better (1.1 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 1ER, 2 BB, 1K).

Speaking of the Dodger's, Grady Little pulled off an interesting double switch last night when he brought in Joe Beimel, and put in Andre Ethier for Matt Kemp. At first it seems like a logical move, but when you consider that Jeff Kent was not in the lineup, and Ethier is not exactly an offensive force at the plate, I cannot understand why a lineup starved for offense would take Kemp out of a game. Of course, I also have a tough time figuring out why the Angels and Dodgers never go after power bats when they both obviously need one, so what do I truly know?

The Mets used the combo of Damion Easley and Brian Lawrence to thump the fading Brewers.
It was Lawrence's first Major League start since 2005.

In other sports news Alabama wideout Tyrone Prothro has seen the end of his career, according to Nick Saban . For those of you don't know, Prothro was the Bama receiver who made one of the most spectacular catches ever. If you haven't seen it, click the link and watch it. Unreal.

Brady Quinn and JaMarcus Russell continue to hold out, which is a great way to assure yourself of a great career. (Insert sarcastic quip here)

We won't have to sit through another Shaq v. Kobe game on Christmas Day this year. Apparently the NBA has realized that getting Phoenix on national TV as often as possible is a good thing. It's amazing what realizations come to light in the wake of a ref who was on the take. I'm telling you, Boston v. Phoenix, 2008 NBA Finals.

In non sports news and for all of you sci fi fans out there, the BBC series "Torchwood" has been picked up by Mark Cuban's HDNet. It's set to air September 17th. It's like X-Files meets CSI meets Nip/Tuck, only with more language and sex stuff. If you get a chance, give it a watch, if only to see Jack Harkness pull a live action Kenny McCormack on a bi-weekly basis.



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