Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thoughts on SpyGate, ESPN and More

Sal Paolantonio is just an absolute ass. He basically sat in the press conference, which was a total joke by the way (did anyone else see the Chargers Cheerleaders on Video? Apparently Walsh likes brunettes), and cross examined Goodell like he was a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay. The verbal volley between Mark Schlereth and Chris Carter who are henceforth to be known as the Drama Queens was just ridiculous, it was like watching TMZ. John Tomase from the Boston Herald looks like a complete scrub at this point and will be transferred to another paper any day now (think of how John Laroquette was transferred to Antartica in "Stripes").

Schlereth is still hammering on about these tapes, which is probably due to the fact the Patriots three Super Bowls trump the Broncos two. I also love how Chris Carter agrees with everything Schlereth says, I hated Sean Salisbury but at least he had a mind of his own.

I did like the commish mentioning the Patriots have never pumped in crowd noise (which many could infer as a shot against the Colts).

Carter may be angling for a job in Arlen Spector's office, I can't wait to see what that senile, corrupt old man will have to say after he meets with Walsh.

The one guy who comes out looking good in all this? Walsh. He looked like he would rather be doing anything or anyone else (perhaps that Chargers cheerleader). Paolantonio is now cherry picking things to prove his points, while neglecting the whole "the tapes were not used in the same game" comment which which the Drama Queens also skated past after spending an hour jabbing about it waiting for the commish.

So basically this thing may have cost the Patriots a Super Bowl, because like it or not, that walk-through story breaking before the Super Bowl this year was distracting and probably didn't help anything. Obviously I know the game is lost on the field, but mental stress can wear you down as much as physical stress, maybe even more.

So basically the NFL gets to levy a fine for a player scalping Super-Bowl Tickets (he should have used Stub Hub like everyone else) and levy a fine for the Pats using a player on IR in a practice in 01.

John Clayton just saved me from sending in scathing e-mails to the ombudsmen at ESPN. He made some great points about all flaws in every dynasty.

If NFL Network would just go to HD for all of their shows I could stop watching ESPN for any NFL news at all. Rich Eisen, use your pull!


MattLightMaine said...

Matty...I am nuts about Arlen Specters "press conference" today..no PM Jab.....I'll go and get a 10 dollar headset if you want to!!!! We can do a live show in 10 minutes...email me !!!!!I'm crazy...

Jeff aka Matt Light!!



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