Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday 5/20/2008

I made a post about Jon Lester last night, all pertinent links are here, here, and here. I also did an Internet radio show last night about it, we then rambled off on other things. It's unedited, and I join in about 20 minutes into it, this is probably going to be a regular thing going forward. Here it is.

On a night of remarkable stories, another one came out of Los Angeles last, in the form of Blake DeWitt. This kid started the year in AA, and it took injuries to Nomar Garciaparra, Andy LaRoche, and Tony Abreu to get this kid on the roster.

The Reds were left to swallow the fact they threw the game away. A team like the Reds cannot afford to make stupid errors on the road, because it is entirely conceivable they could go 0-fer on their west coast trip.

The Phillies left their bats in Philadelphia last night, wasting a quality start (I wish sarcasm could be easily detected online) from Mr Congeniality Brett Myers. He went 6 innings giving up three runs and is credited with a quality start for that, which by the way is a 4.50 era. How is THAT quality?

The Nationals got on the back of Tim Redding and took advantage of the Phillies lack of offense.

St Louis let Albert Pujols and Ryan Ludwick do the damage against the banged up Padres. Jake Peavy is going on the DL.

Tampa Bay pulled one out in Oakland thanks to Evan Longoria. The A's wasted a great performance from Frank Thomas.

Colorado held off San Francisco last night. Just remember, Clint Hurdle is coaching the NL All-Star team this year. Yes, Clint Hurdle. I think the AL is going to increase the streak.

Texas continues to find ways to lose, this time coming back to take a late lead in Minnesota, losing it to go to extra innings, and wasting a bases loaded opportunity in the 11th. This was a wild one, pitchers hit, Livan Hernandez was on deck when the winning run was scored, it was nutty.

The San Antonio Spurs managed to take advantage of a 3 day break to eliminate the Hornets last night. This sets up quite an NBA Final Four with Detroit v. Boston and Spurs v. Lakers, 39 Titles between the four teams.

The Penguins and the Red Wings are set for the Stanley Cup Finals.
TV Schedule is as follows-
Game 1- Saturday 5/24 on VS 8 PM
Game 2- Monday 5/26 on VS 8 pm
Game 3- Wed 5/28 on NBC 8pm
Game 4- Sat 5/31 on NBC 8pm
Game 5-Mon 6/2 on NBC 8pm
Game 6-Wed 6/4 on NBC 8pm
Game 7-Sat 6/7 on NBC 8pm

If you like hockey but just haven't watched, watch this series. Trust me, you won't regret it. There too many stars on both sides of the ice for this series not to go 7 games.

That's it for today. May do a radio show later, I will post the schedule here when I know.

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