Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Phirst Place Phillies

Chase Utley is so hot right now he can't stand in front of a refrigerator without spoiling the food. He hit a homerun in his 5th straight game last night, helping the Phillies beat the Reds 5-4. His defense also ended the game, so this is not your typical one way player. Barring injury, Utley is goig to be the MVP this year, write it down and keep it, that's a freebie. The Phillies are now a game and a half ahead of the Marlins in the NL East, and they won't give this lead up again this season.

David Ortiz is out at least a month with a bad wrist, and that's not good. Wrist injuries are notoriously lingering (ask Derek Lee), but keep in mind when a hitter like Ortiz loses his wrist, he is not the same for a while. It will be interesting to see how this affects the Red Sox lineup, and they start a three game series tonight with the first place Tampa Rays in Fenway tonight with Justin Masterson on the mound.

Kyle Farnsworth proved that he is still Kyle Farnsworth last night, and proved that the Yankees bullpen minus Joba the Hutt(who makes his first start tonight in case you haven't heard) is in big trouble. I wonder if the Brian Fuentes rumors will have any legs to them (or Damaso Marte).

The Penguins stayed alive with a goal with 35 seconds left in regulation, and then managed to ride Marc-Ande Fleury's zone to a win in 3 overtimes. This was a long game and I watched it from the start of the first overtime, there is nothing like watching one team keep it's season alive and knowing that if they give up one goal the season is over.

The Lakers and Celtics series is still slated to start on Thursday. I just wanted to point out how stupid it is to wait this long.

Remember the Sports Vortex has another show tonight, a Celtics/Lakers preview and as always news from around the Major Leagues courtesy of MLB Extra Innings. If you can't get their live (8:30 PM tonight) remember you can always listen to the show here on the CMSPLOG (upper right hand corner). All the shows are archived.



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