Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sasha Vujacic Now Complaining To Press

Encountered this interesting tidbit today on Sportingnews.com (which was gleaned from the LA Times) from the mouth of Sasha Vujacic (or as my Sports Vortex co-host Jeff calls him ,Vooya-Bitch), and it looks like Jeff may be right on.

Los Angeles Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic let the Boston Celtics get to him in Game 5, and he says that's because they play too rough, the Los Angeles Times reports.
"Phil (Jackson) told me after the game that he thought I was a bit emotional. And I think he was right," Vujacic told the newspaper. "It all started from that poke in the eye (by Celtics guard Sam Cassell). I got a little bit mad because the ref was right there and he didn't call it."
Vujacic also thought Cassell should have had a foul called on him when he appeared to slam Vujacic down onto the court while they wrestled for a loose ball. Vujacic said later he thought it was on purpose, though television analysts said they believed Vujacic was acting a bit and made the fall look worse than it was.
Vujacic thinks the Celtics are getting away with too much in the series.
"They foul a lot. They get away with a lot of fouls," Vujacic said. "When we go back to Boston, we know that they are going to do a lot of moving picks like they do, and they're probably going to get away with it. But we got to stay smart, stay focused and play with poise."
Vujacic doesn't place all the blame on the officials, though. "It's hard to see," he told the Times. "They're doing it so quick that not everybody can see it. You can't blame anyone."
In the first five games, the Celtics have been called for 123 fouls and the Lakers for 131. But in Game 5, both teams were called for 28 personal fouls, and both teams had 31 free throw attempts, the Celtics making 24 of them and the Lakers making 23. Derek Fisher, Ray Allen and Vladimir Radmanovic each received a technical foul in Game 5.

I don't do this much, if ever, but this is called for.

You petty little soft-ass. Andy Dufresne didn't scream this much when he dealt with the Sistas, and you and your brown suede headband want to piss and moan about NBA Defense? You suck, your attitude sucks, and I hope you go back to Europe where you belong you sorry-ass excuse for a basketball player. Drazen Petrovic is spinning in his grave right now, and even Dirk Nowitzki thinks you're weak.



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