Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Morning Quick-Hits Part 2

American League

Mike Lowell's outburst in the 9th inning summed up the Red Sox night. Dan Shaughnessy wants Manny Ramirez to be shown out the door after he pulled himself out of the lineup right before last night's game.

The Blue Jays stabbed the Mariners in the heart in extras last night while wearing their throwbacks.

Seattle keeps finding new ways to lose. Just a sad season in the Emerald City.

Jermaine Dye's 2 run blast propelled he Chi Sox to a much needed win. The Chi Sox are still in first place in the Central.

Todd Jones took the blame for last night's loss, as he should. The Tigers are now 6 and half games back of the first place White Sox.

Minnesota lost, the game and Carlos Gomez. I can't for the life of me figure out why he is in still in the rotation and Francisco Liriano is still in AAA. Stop being cheap and give your team a chance, the Twins are still only 3 and half games back of Chicago.

The Angels hung on in Baltimore. Francisco Rodriguez is one step closer to removing Bobby Thigpen from the record books.

The Rangers unloaded on the A's, and moved into second place in the AL West. Kevin Millwood is headed to the DL, again.

National League

The Mets win again, and extended their lead to 2 games, thanks to Mike Pelfrey and Carlos Delgado. There is word in this notebook that Pedro will be back soon, that the Mets thought they had a chance at Xavier Nady, and that Angel Pagan is going to have season ending surgery.

The Phillies stink out loud. Watched this game, and Chase Utley was getting booed, although he had no comments for Phils fans like he did New Yorkers at the Home Run Derby. Charlie Manuel held a closed door meeting before last night's game, to unhappy results.

The Marlins knocked off the Cubs thanks to Jeremy Hermida. Former Red Sox prospect Anibal Sanchez is scheduled to return.

The Brewers are human after all, after falling the Astros last night. The Brewers are still in trade rumors, but Doug Melvin likes his team as they are now. Apparently he is unconcerned about his bullpen.

The Cubs promoted Brady Quinn's favorite Notre Dame target.

The Cardinals couldn't overcome the Mets. Ryan Franklin has stumbled since taking over for Jason Isringhausen. Chris Carpenter is on a rehab stint.

The Pirates said goodbye to Damaso Marte and Xavier Nady during the game yesterday. The Bucs proceeded to lose to the Padres.

Dan Haren got plenty of offense last night against the hapless Giants. The win got them back to .500 for the season, and keeps them a game ahead of LA in first.

The Dodgers got another strong performance from Chad Billingsley and offense from Nomar Garciaparra to knock off the Nats. Juan Pierre returned from the DL and started last night.

The Rockies won again, thanks to Aaron Cook. Don't be surprised if the Rockies make no deadline moves and hold onto Fuentes and Holliday.


Albert Haynesworth signed a one year deal with the Titans. Check out the incentives he has to make to keep the Titans from franchising him again next year.

Lamont Jordan is looking for work.


Sasha Vujacic re-signs with the Lakers. Ray Allen and the makers of brown suede headbands rejoice.

Former Celtic Ryan Gomes is back in Minnesota.

Delonte West and his tattoos may be headed east, like, Russia-east...


Former Lightning coach John Tortorella will interview for the vacant Islanders job on Sunday. He should be great with the New York media.

Eastern League

The Sea Dogs got back on the winning track last night, beating Trenton 2-1. Trenton's starting pitcher, Phil Coke, was removed after the first when he was traded to Pittsburgh.


Kevin Dineen may still be the head coach for the Portland Pirates next year. Great move by the Sabres organization if this comes true.


Anonymous said...

Check your sources, Phil Coke was not traded...

MattyMSM said...

It was awfully weird to pull him in the first inning last night, have him mentioned in the trade rumors on ESPN, Fox Sports, every New York and Pittsburgh paper as well. I am out to Trenton's gm now to find out if he is in the deal or not.

Anonymous said...

thats why we preface rumors as rumors....

MattyMSM said...

Right, but if every other major sports place runs with it, I kind of have to, too. Trenton didn't know until late this morning that Coke was staying. They were ordered to yank him last night, so they did. But again, I thank you for the tip.


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