Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Afternoon Update

Mets knocked off the Phillies 3-1 this afternoon. The subplot here, outside of the Mets getting back into sole possession of first place since April 19th, is that Jimmy Rollins was scratched from original lineup due to some unknown ailment. He ended the game by swinging at a first pitch fastball and grounding out.

I have finally found the elusive "Cuddle Bear" commercial that gets played every other commercial break during a Mets game. An ode to obsessive girls everywhere.

Girls gone wild this week, with the Danica Patrick pit row showdown and the WNBA Motown Throwdown. The WNBA cracked down on the brawl participants today.

The Sea Dogs were rained out again today, both the suspended game from last night and the regularly scheduled game today will be made up in Connecticut.

The Sports Vortex will be live on Talkshoe tonight and brought to you by Chicago Dogs, 285 US Route 1 in Scarborough. Make sure you stop by there soon, and let Joey P know that you saw them on the Central Maine Sports Blog. Tonight's show will be at 9, hope to see you there.


Anonymous said...

no Boston in your WC poll? ARe you totally disregarding the fact that there is a chance they will not win the division?

MattyMSM said...

I guess I am. I was looking at it in terms of who wasn't in first right now, but you make a fair point.

Anonymous said...

I should think so, afterall, Tampa was Tied for first at the time.


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