Tuesday, August 05, 2008

30 Questions...But does Anybody Care?

Let’s take a look at a question from each team, as we inch closer to the season.


Buffalo: Will the new look defense be enough to sneak them into the playoffs?

Miami: Will Ronnie Brown be healthy enough to have an impact?

New England: Who replaces Asante Samuel?

New York Jets: Is Eric Mangini on the hot seat?


Baltimore: Is the defense finally over the hill?

Cincinnati: Can they finally escape the off-the-field issues?

Cleveland: Does Derek Anderson repeat ’07?

Pittsburgh: How does the offensive line react without Faneca?


Houston: Can Matt Schaub stay healthy enough to run the offense?

Indianapolis: Will Peyton’s injury be a lingering issue throughout the year?

Jacksonville: Will the passing game improve enough to diversify the offense?

Tennessee: Is Vince Young ready to lead this team?


Denver: Does a healthier Jay Cutler make a difference?

Kansas City: Is the QB position still a trouble spot?

Oakland: Can the team build around a rookie runningback?

San Diego: Is it finally their year?


Dallas: Can Pacman make a difference, or will he be a distraction?

Philadelphia: Is it time for Philly and Donovan to part ways?

New York Giants: Did they lose too much on defense?

Washington: Can somebody not named Gibbs win in the nation’s capital?


Chicago: Can any of the QB’s survive a season?

Detroit: Will Matt Millen ever lose his job?

Green Bay: Will Aaron Rogers be the best QB in the division?

Minnesota: Sophomore slump for Adrian Peterson


Atlanta: Does Matt Ryan stay off the field?

Carolina: Can Steve Smith and the Panthers coexist?

New Orleans: Will Jeremy Shockey improve a struggling offense?

Tampa Bay: Can this team get healthy in time to be effective?


Arizona: Will Matt Leinert start caring about football?

San Francisco: Does J.T. O’Sullivan really have a chance to start?

Seattle: Has the championship potential window closed?

St. Louis: Will a healthy offensive line get Jackson and Bulger back in track?

I'd love to answer these questions and many more, but there's no point. No one cares. Not until that fickle quarterback, and his front office can make a damn decision. Thanks for ruining the beginning of the football season Brett...and you too Ted....thanks a lot.

Chris Sedenka is the host of the PM JAB, which can be heard weekdays between 3-7pm on 95.5FM and AM1440 Sportsradio WJAB in Central and Southern, Maine.



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