Thursday, August 28, 2008

Around the NFL

LB Shawne Merriman has decided to forego surgery and attempt to play this season.....a highly risky move on his part that could, at just 26, put his career in jeopardy.

The Pats continue to experiment with their defensive formations.

The Bengals are hoping to help their banged up WR core by using RB Rudi Johnson as trade bait...... with a 2.9 ypc last year, what are they going to get in reurn?

The Jags finally get DE Derrick Harvey into camp. This guy is suppose to be the pure pass rusher they lack, but his missing most of the pre-season will not help them.

The cracks are starting to show in Indy. Peyton Manning is back at practice, but he will be without his starting center for at least 6 weeks.

The Ravens made a move to replace the injured DL Dwan Edwards.

Also in Ravens news, it appears QB Kyle Boller does not need surgery.....I am sure the Baltimore faithful will sleep at ease knowing that.

Matt Ryan was recently named the starting QB for the Atlanta Falcons, a difficult task for a first year player. Ryan will not have to look too far in his own locker room to see how this could turn out for him.

The Cowboys look to add some depth behind their superstar QB.

Speaking of back ups,'s Don Banks apparently had a slow news day and ranked all 32 of the NFL's backup QBs.

Finally, sad news to report. Two days ago, Kyle Eckel, the undrafted fullback from the Naval Academy, was let go by the Patriots despite having as many TDs as Willie Parker and Julius Jones, and more scores than Thomas Jones.


The reasons as to why two former Pro-Bowlers remain unemployed are starting to surface.

First, according to Romeo Crennell, if Ty Law is going to start then he wants starter's salary, and this is more than likely what has prevented New England from signing him thus far. The Pats brought in a slew of DB and would probably be unwilling to chew up remaining cap space for the 34 year-old.

Second, Daunte Culpepper, despite being injured for most of the past few seasons, has not convinced teams he is willing to accept a back up role as some teams believe he expects to be given the chance to compete for a starting spot. Culpepper is probably not going to get a starting job until he can prove he is healthy and can play at a high level again....playing in Oakland and Miami have done him no favors.



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