Sunday, August 31, 2008

Around the NFL

A couple of head scratchers, the Pats release S John Lynch and WR Chad Jackson.

Ricky Williams signed an extension with the Dolphins.

The Giants sign a former first rounder to the defensive line.

Chris Brown went on the IR for the Texans.

Joey Harrington got the axe from Atlanta.

A pair of first day picks (edit, thanks Anon) are among those cut by the Bears.

The Pats are still trying to land Ty Law.

The Saints are once again forced to relocate.

Chris Simms was released by the Bucs.


Anonymous said...

"A pair of first rounders are among those cut by the Bears."

Dude, Wrongo.

One was a second reounder, the other a 3rd rounder. Both were both from the 1st DAY of the 2007 draft, not the 1st ROUND.

Come on. lets do some basic fact checking. Otherwise, don't even bother.

MattyMSM said...

In fairness "first-rounder" rolls off the tongue better than "First day-picks", and when you are rushing to get things done a slip-up can be made, especially when it's a holiday weekend and no one is peering over anyone's shoulder. It has been edited and you have been given credit. Maybe I will start a points system and you can redeem your points for prizes. Do you only comment when you find an error (which major papers and other blogs NEVER have, right?) and when you want argue?


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