Thursday, August 14, 2008

Commercial Voting Extended Through Weekend and Reader Mail!

"Commercial Wars" voting has been extended through the weekend (Sunday at midnight to be precise). Procede (starring Giuessepe Franco) and douche are actually tied right now. (Matthew Cerrone from has an interview with Franco that I stumbled upon tonight) You can watch the contestants here. Send your votes (or comments) to Here is the funniest e-mail so far (and thanks to "The Two Funny Guys and Ross Show" for the shout-out on their weekly podcast)....

Am I to believe that Giueseppe Franco is some amazing hair stylist, who the hell is this guy? Never mind that they are selling the same stuff he promotes for $19.95 and he sells to his customers for $450. Did you say $450 dollars, are you kidding me? What a great guy he is, he is the only guy who will get less clients from being on tv. Great business sense, let us tell everyone how bad I'm ripping you off. Im glad he puts his name on the line, thank god for that, I wouldn't trust that Paul Mitchell guy, but Giueseppe Franco, I'm in. One last thing, in the commercial, Mark Opper says "it feels like his hair is so full in the back", (yet) the guy never turns his head, should I believe him like I believe the (vaunted) hair stylist Mr. Franco? Im a Yankee fan, and I have had to endure this commercial way too long, this guy is a joke. My family and I laugh at this commercial when we see it, and we all wonder who the "tool" Giueseppe Franco is. SO SO SO SO LAME!!!!!- Louis from NYC



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