Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Commercial Wars

When you watch certain teams, you get doused with commercials from the same sponsor on every break. Today starts a tournament and is very simple, which commercial do you hate more? Today's contestants-Procede (with a very special Gary Busey cameo) which floods Mets broadcasts every single commercial break. Who the HELL is Giueseppe Franco?

The next one is the FreeCreditReport.com guy. Personally, I think if the Jimmy Fund wanted to make some money, they should put up the opportunity to punch FCR.com guy in the face in an auction. The newest one with him on a bike is below.

Here's the deal, send an e-mail to sportsvortex@centralmainesportsblog.com and tell me which one you think is the worst, and they will advance to the next round. Also, if you have a commercial that you hate to see when watching a game on a regional broadcast that you would like to nominate, send a link to it in the e-mail. By the way did I mention this contest is F-R-EE that spells free? (please make it stop, please)


Anonymous said...

Not to be too violent, but the FCR.com one by far. I would like to take a VW Beetle or other small vehicle and go through that final ensemble shot of bike riders.


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