Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday Morning Biscuits


Jason Bay made"The Bay State" a little more ironic last night. The comparisons to 2004 are inevitable right now.

The Yankees and Mike Mussina bounced back against the white hot Angels. Wille Randolph was back in the pinstripes yesterday, and you can't help but think you will see it on a more regular basis sometime soon (like next season).

The Rays maintained their lead against the Tigers. Rocco Baldelli is closer to the big leagues and in Tampa.

The White Sox couldn't hold back the Royals.

The Twins missed a chance to gain a game when they faltered against Paul Byrd. Francisco Liriano feels good.

The Phillies got a phenomenal start from Joe Blanton. Phenom Carlos Carrasco is one step closer to the big leagues.

The Mets pen had a bad night.

Ricky Nolasco broke out of a slump in a big way.

CC Sabathia went 8 strong innings, and the Brewers proved they can beat anyone but the Cubs.

The Cubs rebounded against the Bucs, Ted Lilly looked good.

Manny hit his first homerun for the Dodgers.


Roger Goodell is becoming more involved in the Brett Favre saga..

Stop me if you have heard this one before, Andre Johnson is injured. (Sorry Danks, good news is that there is still time to adopt another team as a team 1b)

Glenn Dorsey hurt his knee. Chiefs fans stare longingly at boxes of cyanide.

The newest class of Hall Of Famers was inducted.

Football tonight! Colts-Redskins, be there (unless you are a starter)!!!!



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