Friday, August 08, 2008

A Sure Bet?

Here are 20 over/under's to consider betting on before the season begins.

20 new Peyton Manning commercials this season

19 times Brad Childress tries to justify that Tarvaris Jackson is an actual quarterback.

18 new excuses for why Alex Smith can’t complete a pass.

17 pass attempts by Brady Quinn…directed towards the cheerleaders.

16 times Tom Brady will be placed on the injury report during the regular season…yeah that’s every week…it’s a sure bet.

15 rumors that the Buffalo Bills will be moving to Toronto before December.

14 times Jon Kitna thanks God before the start of the first game.

13 players cited for not paying child support

12 weeks of Jim Nance bothering the hell out of me…actually it’s endless

11 different quarterback changes for the Bears…of course just between Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman.

10 weeks before the Tony Romo/Jessica Simpson sex tape is revealed.

9 linebackers Maurice Jones-Drew lights up while blocking during the season.

8 interceptions for Brett Favre before Jets fans’ start rioting.

7 weeks before a season-ending injury for Aaron Rodgers

6 return touchdowns scored by Devon Hester before he asks for a new contract.

5 weeks before the first pictures of Matt Leinert, a hot tub, and college coeds come out

4 times Herm Edwards screws up a two-minute drill for his team

3 weeks before the Eagles fans turn on McNabb…wait, maybe they already have?

2 more guarantees for the Steelers’ Anthony Smith…if he makes it out of camp.

1 more Pacman Jones arrest. Come on Pac, make us proud!

Chris Sedenka is the host of the PM JAB, which can be heard weekdays between 3-7pm on 95.5FM and AM1440 Sportsradio WJAB in Central and Southern, Maine.



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