Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Morning Quick Hitters

The Red Sox got back to their winning ways as Jon Lester plays stopper again. Red Sox win 6 - 3.

Tampa Bay handled the California Angels 6 - 4. BJ Upton had another base running gaffe, but the rest of Rays picked up his slack. The Rays are still 4 1/2 games up on the Red Sox.

The Chicago White Sox got homer happy in a 13 - 5 win over the Seattle Mariners on Monday.

The Minnesota Twins fall to 1 game back of the White Sox, losing to the A's 3 - 2.

The Pittsburgh Pirates stopped their 4 game skid while stopping the New York Mets 6 game win streak, Pirates win 5 - 2.

CC Sabathia threw another complete game, helping the Brewers beat the Houston Astros 9 - 3.

With Chad Johnson out 3 weeks, the Cincinnati Bengals are looking to sign free agent WR Chris Henry. Marvin Lewis made these comments and these comments within the last month, it is amazing how a shoulder injury to your top wideout and injury to your no. 3 wideout can change your perspective.

The Cleveland Browns lose QB Derek Anderson to possible concussion in 37-34 loss to the Giants. No word on whether Brady Quinn giggled uncontrollably when he entered the game...

Tom Brady talks about a "new" foot injury. Remember that sign from a couple days ago?!?

Terrell Suggs signs offer sheet and is finished with his holdout for the Baltimore Ravens.

Tarvaris Jackson "may" play on injured knee, that is always a spectacular idea for a young mobile QB in the NFL.

ESPN is reporting that Shawn Kemp will be playing in Europe next season. In related news, latex factories go into overdrive.

The Philadelphia 76ers officially signed Andre Iguodala to an $80 million contract Monday.


Anonymous said...

Amazing, simply amazing. Chris Henry is not only getting his umptenth chance, but it is with Bengals. What a wonderful message to send.....it is okay to beat the shit out of someone just so long as you can run a sub 4.5 and have great hands and get a good release off of the line. Any doubt that if Rae Carruth were paroled someone would give him a look?


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