Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Morning Quick Hitters

Dice K pitched as usual and still wins. He threw 105 pitches in 5 innings, walked 6 and struck out 5 an still got his 15th win. The Sox beat the Orioles 7 - 2. In other Sox news, Captain Carl Yastrzemski had successful triple by pass surgery yesterday. For you whipper snappers that haven't see Yaz in action, check out this 3 partner on YouTube on the 1967 World Series. Yet more Sox news, good times to come, Josh Beckett has numbness in his arm, and to steal a joke, does that mean that Clay Buchholtz have numbness in his head?

Tampa Bay just keeps winning. The Rays beat the Angels again, 4 - 2.

The New York Yankees continue their freefall, losing to the Toronto Blue Jays 2 - 1.

The AL Central stayed the same as the Chicago White Sox beat the Seattle Mariners 5 - 0 , while the Minnesota Twins blasted the Oakland A's 13 - 2. Kevin Slowey struck out 12 continuing his stretch of masterful pitching. The Pale Hose still have a 1 game lead on the Twins.

While off the field the Mets got bad news on closer Billy Wagner, on the field, the Mets beat up on Atlanta Braves 7 - 3.

Philadelphia Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins heard it loud and clear from the Phillies fans last night, but that didn't stop the team from defeating the Washington Nationals 5 - 4. The Phils stayed 1 1/2 games back of the Mets.

Rich Harden and the Chicago Cubs had another stellar game, shutting out the Cincinnati Reds 5 - 0.

The Milwaukee Brewers lost another game in the standings as Ben Sheets is just 1 - 5 since the All Star break, losing to the Houston Astros 5 - 2.

The Arizona Diamondbacks held on for dear life as the San Diego Padres scrored 3 runs in the 9th, falling just short of a comeback and finally losing to the D-Backs 7 - 6.

The LA Dodgers lost ground in the NL West, losing to the Colorado Rockies 8 - 3. The Dodgers are 1 game behind Arizona.

The Philadelphia 76ers have signed Theo Ratliff.

Gordan Giricek is the latest NBA vet to bolt for Europe.

It's a done deal, Chris Henry re-signed with the Bengals.

The Arizona Cardinals seem to be in a standoff with Anquan Boldin.

Trent Edwards leaves Buffalo Bills practice with a leg injury.

Oh oh, Peyton Manning may not be as ready as we all though.



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