Thursday, September 04, 2008

Can Skins Fans Blame John McCain for the Lack of a Hurry-up?

Jim Zorn made his regular season debut tonight, and if you want a recap or missed the game, let me give you a synopsis. Remember Super Bowl 39, when the Eagles, down by 10, refused to go no-huddle, even with 3 mins left? Remember the head scratching that ensued? Well, that was your scenario tonight. With the Redskins down 16-7 with 5 mins left, the Skins continued to run it up the gut and huddle up. Even John Madden, who doesn't even do the commentary on his own video game anymore, was getting irate. "You've got to go no-huddle here" pleaded Madden, but Jim Zorn decided to plod along. In fact, one comment really stuck with me when Madden said "Well you don't have your no-huddle in this early". Really? What was the off season and preseason for? There is no excuse for an NFL team not having a 2 minute offense in place by week one, period. If the Skins miss the playoffs by a game, you can look back on a game in which the Giants basically shut it down in the second half and the Skins could not take advantage. Of course, the real reason may be obvious (CONSPIRACY THEORY ALERT!!!!). The Redskins are the team of Washington DC, and the Republican National Convention was due to be broadcast on NBC at 10:00 pm EST, which was to feature the acceptance speech of John "I hate Internet gambling" McCain. I know this is far fetched, but the relationship is a bit fishy (the team from the nation's capitol keeping viewers from an event that directly effects the nation's capitol) but is it at all possible that the NFL knew they had a 3 hour window and that they had to be done? I mean, the Giants absolutely went Showtime on the Skins in the first half, and then they didn't score a single point after the half. The Redskins, although down by 9 points with 5 minutes left, didn't start the no-huddle until they got the ball back with a bout 1:30 remaining, and only after they had used their timeouts. This just doesn't seem right to me, and I cannot believe any NFL coach would have such a lack of awareness in regards to time remaining, so the question remains, is Jim Zorn an idiot or did the Redskins have to suck one up to get John McCain airtime?


X said...

3rd possibility: you and Jim Zorn are both idiots

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot.

Froggy said...

It's not a good idea to drink bong water, man.

Chris said...

It's not a good idea to take life so seriously dudes


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