Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Don't Worry, Be Happy.....You Aren't a Bulgaria Fan

With the harsh reality that Tom Brady is lost for the season and the hopes that the Patriots would finish what they could not last year against the Giants dashed, we New England fans must remember one thing, it could be worse.

'How could it be worse' some may be asking?well, how about having your team lose.......82-0.........in ice hockey.......and not even get a shot off on net. That is correct, the Slovakian Women's National Team defeated their Bulgarian opponents by scoring on 82 of their 139 shots, averaging a goal every 44 seconds and leading 31-0 after the first period.

So, to the New England faithful, we need to change our motto from 'We aren't Super Bowl favorites' to 'At least we aren't Bulgaria.'

Author's Note: Due to the lack of effectiveness in my recent prescription, I have resorted to scouring media outlets for sports related stories and scores that make the loss of Tom Brady easier to swallow....stay tuned, next I will bring you scores from the world of Cricket.



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