Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Morning Quick Hitters


Nore Dame won one for Lou Holtz yesterday, beating Michigan 35-17. Charlie Weis suffered a horrific knee injury in this one when a player ran into his knee and he suffered a...wait for ACL and MCL. Perhaps him and Tom Brady can rehab together. The video above is from NBC Sports and the Weis knee injury is at about the 1:30 mark, folowed by the slow motion replay. Do not watch while eating breakfast.

USC made all the hype around it's game with Ohio St look ridiculous, pasting the Buckeyes 35-3. We all have to band together and hope that OSU loses one more game this season so that they don't get to rebound from this and get blasted in the national title game again.

South Carolina fumbled away the game against Georgia.

Oklahoma made sure that the PAC-10 officials didn't bite them in the ass again.

Wisconsin pulled out a win on the road at Fresno St.

East Carolina came from behind to beat Tulane and improve to 3-0 on the season (can you say BCS Buster?)

Two games ended on completed Hail Mary's, one was a win , one was an agonizing loss that brings back memories of the Titans/Rams Super Bowl.

Upset in the Top 25, UNLV knocked off Dennis Erickson's Arizona St Sun Devils on the road.

Oregon lost their quarterback but won the game.


You may notice a pattern here...

The Red Sox split a double-header with the Blue Jays

The Rays split a double-header with the Yankees

The Mets split a double-header with the Braves

The Twins swept the O's and tied the idle White Sox (rain-out)

The Phils held on to an early lead and knocked off the Brew Crew to tighten the Wild Card race and keep pace with the Metropolitans.

Young Clayton Kershaw got the win in Colorado for the Dodgers.

An old friend may have put the last nail in the Diamondback coffin.

The Cubs and Astros will play 2 in Milwaukee.


The Texans/Ravens game has been postponed until Nov 9th because the Texans stadium, Reliant Field, was heavily damaged by Hurricane Ike.

Jeff Fisher says the police report was filled with errors in regards to the Vince Young incident. As someone who lived in Tennessee, I can tell you I am just stunned by this, really, just floored (you can turn the volume down on your sarcasm detector right now).

Pro Football Talk speculates that Vince Young may retire.

The Patriots elevated Matt Gutierrez from the practice squad.

Whoever has Lane Kiffin as the first coach fired in the NFL season may be holding onto the golden ticket. In related news DeAngelo Hall is awful. Look, Hall may think he is all that, but he single-handedly lost the Falcons two games due to his idiocy last year, and certainly didn't help his new team at all on Monday Night. Look up "washed-up" in the dictionary, and their will be a picture of DeAngelo Hall getting a pass interference penalty covering another team's 3rd wideout.

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