Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Morning Quick Hitters

The Tampa Bay Rays took control of the AL East last night with a 10 - 3 win over the Red Sox at the Trop. In other Sox news, Mike Lowell needs extra attention.

The Minnesota Twins failed to gain ground in the AL Central and the Wild Card race, losing to Cleveland 6 - 4. The Twins are 2 1/2 games back of the Chicago White Sox and 7 games behind the Red Sox in the Wild Card.

Speaking of the Chicago White Sox, they lost to the Yankees 5 - 1.

In the NL East J.A. Happ helps the Philadelphia Phillies to a 6 - 1 win over the Atlanta Braves. The NY Mets finally beat the Washington Nationals..barley..9 - 7. The Mets stay 1/2 game behind the Phillies.

The Milwaukee Brewers finally had a go at the Cubs, winning 6 - 2, but they may have lost Ace Ben Sheets for the rest of the season. The Brewers are virtually out of the NL Central race at 8 games back, but are only 1/2 game behind the Mets in the Wild Card.

The LA Dodgers may have lost...sit down, wait for it....Nomar Garciaparra for an undisclose time, while losing to the Pittsburgh Pirates 15 - 8.

The Arizona Diamondbacks struggled in the 9th inning, but still gained ground on the Dodgers by beating the San Francisco Giants 7 - 6.

The Minnesota Vikings have finally sat Tavaris Jackson.



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