Monday, October 20, 2008

Favre, Lions Newest Scout

"I just wanted to know if Rod Marinelli needed some Wrangler Jeans"

And here we all thought that the Brett Favre--Green Bay saga had ended when Favre landed with the Jets in early August. Obviously that was a bit too much to hope for. Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reported yesterday about rumor that Brett Favre had a 60-90 minute conversation with Lions’ coaches on the eve of Detroit’s week 2 match up with the Packers where Favre, as Glazer’s sources stated, "gave them a rundown of the nuances of what Green Bay does on offense."

Now, obviously it is quite surprising that Brett Favre, a player revered by most, would stoop to this level in an attempt to get back his former team. But I have another question. Why would he use the Lions of all teams as a means to get back at his former club? Why would he think that a team that lost 7 of its final 8 games in 2007 and was coming off of a 34-21 loss to a Falcons team that was suppose to be horrible would be the best means to strike back at Green Bay? Did he talk to Kitna and get a guarantee? Did Matt Millen promise to take a garbage wide receiver off the board in the Draft before the Jets got a hold of yet another first round bust? Was he going to receive a Ford Sync for his services so that he had at least something that would want to talk to him after the dust settled? This is like being in high school and paying the president of the chess club to protect you from bullies.

Further, because the rumor is being substantiated by media outlets in Wisconsin, the same people who were on suicide watch following his retirement are probably burning his effigy from Green Bay to Beloit. He has absolutely tarnished his image by this stunt. And for what? To get back at an organization that was tired of his inability to tell the team whether he was going to return or retire? Is he really this petty? I don’t remember stories of Joe Montana calling the St. Louis Rams and giving them the low down on the Niners offense after he wound up in KC and Steve Young took over in San Fran.

The best part in this whole story is that on that advice, Detroit went out in week 2 and gave up 48 to a Green Bay offense that has topped 27 points just one other time this season.

Way to go Brett, you just sullied your reputation by helping a team get trounced by your former club, and you make all those who you have a grudge with tremble with fear.
Note: It now appears that Glazer embelished this story a little bit. Regardless, given the saga that was his retirement (his contact with the Vikings), it wouldn't be too surprising that he had such a conversation took place.



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