Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday Morning Quick Hitters

The Tampa Bay Rays grabbed home field advantage right back from the Red Sox, by homering their way to a win. Jon Lester gave up bombs to BJ Upton and Evan Don't Call Me Eva Longoria to blow the game wide open. The Sox dormant offense could only muster a sac fly for their only run. The Rays beat the Sox 9 - 1. The Rays lead the series 2 - 1.

The LA Dodgers seemed to like home cooking, until the 8th inning that is, when Shane Victorino tied it and John Baptist of Bangor Maine Hockey Coach Matt Stairs wone it with a 2 run moonshot. The Phillies beat the Dodgers 7 - 5. The Phillies lead the series 3 - 1.

The New York Rangers 2007 #1 pick 19 year old, Alexei Cherepanov, collasped and died during a Russian league game yesterday.

The Boston Bruins traded former Boston College star Andrew Alberts to the Philadelphia Flyers yesterday.

The Cleveland Browns handed the New York Giants their 1st loss of the season, slamming the champs 35 - 14.

Tony Dungy confirmed Monday that Peyton Manning actually had 2 surgeries on his knee.



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