Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Update on the New Lions Scout

According to News Radio 620 in Wisconsin, Brett Favre admitted to speaking with then Lions' CEO Matt Millen regarding their upcoming game against the Packers. However, Favre has emphatically denied initiating the call or that the call lasted as long or was in-depth regarding the Packers as first reported by Fox Sports' Jay Glazer. Favre states that the call lasted just 20-30 minutes, and that discussion about the Packers was very brief.

This story is peculiar (for many reasons) but mainly because Favre was so adamant about not having spoken with the Lions regarding the Packers at all when the story first came out on Sunday. Now the story is slowly veering towards what Glazer first reported, making Favre look guilty by trying to hide the truth. If the call was as innocent as he claims, why hide it, why allow the media to speculate and guess as to whether the battle between Favre and Ted Thompson has escalated to what was reported? He has to know the feathers he will have ruffled in Green Bay and how the media in New York will feed on this, so why not kill it form the outset? Who knows.

In other news, John Madden was asked about the incident and claimed that it was he, not Favre, who placed the call to the Lions. He had this to say:

"And how dare anyone make fun of Brett, after all he’s been through. His wife had cancer, he lost his dad, the Packers’ turned out to be an ungrateful organization and then he had to go through a battle to be traded in the off season. HE’S A HUMAN BEING, JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE, LEAVE BRETT ALONE!!!!"

NBC had no comment on Madden’s remarks.



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