Monday, November 03, 2008

AI to Detroit?

ESPN is reporting that sources are saying Allen Iverson is expected to be traded to the Detroit Pistons. The deal would send Chanuncy Billups and Antonio McDyess to the Nuggets.
This would be a very interesting move for the Pistons, a team that said it was going to shake things up in the offseason. Well, it may not be the offseason, but this is certainly a shakeup. Detroit will be a factor in the east, but this is not a deal that will put them over the top. Detroit is sending two starters away to bring in one...and one who is now 33 years old. Will they be better? Possibly, but still not as good as Boston, Cleveland, and possibly Toronto on paper. The Pistons also lose some toughness with McDyess likely gone as well.
As for the Nuggets...this should help them a bit, bringing in some veteran leadership at the point and forward positions, but certainly doesn't put them in the elite class.
Now, for your enjoyment, Iverson talking about...practice?



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