Monday, November 17, 2008

Brian Burke in Portland

The Central Maine Sports Blog is reporting that 5 days before resigning as the Anaheim Ducks General Manager , Brian Burke was at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland, Maine. Civic Center sources report, when asked if he was here to scout, Mr. Burke responded "something like that" and proceeded to Portland Pirates Coach Kevin Dineen's office. The Portland Pirates were the Anaheim Ducks AHL affiliate during Burke's time as GM and Burke spent much time at the Cumberland County Civic Center during that period.

Rumors floating around the Cumberland County Civic Center after Burke's resignation, were many. It is no secret the Brian Burke was unhappy flying coast to coast to see his family. Burke was born in Rhode Island, played for the Maine Mariners in the AHL, went to Harvard was GM for the Hartford Whalers and all of his children live on the east coast. His son Patrick is a scout for the Philadelphia Flyers.

Some had Burke discussing a coaching position for Coach Dineen, if and when Burke becomes General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Toronto Globe and Mail is reporting internal preparations are being made to offer Burke the GM job.

Other sources at the Cumberland County Civic Center have Burke joining the Buffalo Sabres in some head scouting capacity. Burke has much love of Maine and the area, obviously winning a Calder Cup with the Maine Mariners in 1977 and being a native New Englander. The Buffalo Sabres seem to be intact in the general manager department, as they extended Darcy Reiger's contract in September. With both the Sabres and Portland Pirates early season performance, Reiger seems a lock to stay put in Buffalo.


Maine Hockey Insider Gary Prolman stated on WJAB Radio, his opinion was Burke was just in the area visiting pals, but when asked directly whether he could be in town talking to Kevin Dineen about coaching possibilities he said "I can't believe Kevin Dineen is not an NHL's just a matter of time"


Coach Kevin Dineen was on WJAB this morning and was asked by show host Shoe about Burke. Here is the interview.

Seems like most of what Dineen said shoots down the rumor. My source maintains Toronto was discussed, to what end is pure speculation.

Stay tuned to the Central Maine Sports Blog for updates.


puckbuddy said...

So we know that one of Burke's main beefs with the Ducks is all the travel, right? Now being a scout is something that requires a lot of... travel.

Do you see why this makes no sense?

JeffCMSB said...

Travel from the West Coast to the East Coast was the issue. if her were a director, say of the Northeast, travel that far away from his family would be kept to a minimum.


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