Friday, November 28, 2008

A Few Notes...from Cedar Falls

-I was told earlier that Maine is as healthy as they can be for this game. Yes, there are some players that didn't make the trip...but there are no NEW injuries to talk about. That is a very unique situation this late in the season

-The turf is still old-school Astro Turf. It feels like sandpaper on-top of concrete. It's the type of stuff that would rip your leg off if you slide incorrectly. As bad as it is, I will say that speedsters like Jhamal Fluellen and Pushaun Brown will love it. It will make them even quicker.

-The Dome is sweet. I feel that even if there were only about 3,000 fans there, the place would be rocking. Expect a loud game tomorrow.

-I really feel this is a time-of-possession game for Maine. If they get the ground game rolling, they will have a chance. Limit the opportunities for the Panthers.

-Bill Stewart Sucks

-Iowa seems really boring. I don't really have any basis for that statement, but it kind of looks like a farm with a building in the middle.


JeffCMSB said...

this is coming from a West Virginia kettle...hahahahahahahahaahah


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