Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day Links

Get out and vote, no matter how long the line is. Or if your town transferred everything to computers in the past year and you have to re-register. Or any other excuse. Go vote.


The Steelers won the battle 23-6, but may have lost the war, as Ben Roethlisberger left with an injured throwing shoulder. Byron Leftwich had quite a homecoming.

Jim Zorn's team looked unorganized and out of sync in the fourth quarter, invoking memories of opening night's clock management issues.

Brady Quinn gets three days to prepare for his first start.


The Sixers hammered the Sacramento Kings.

The Magic tamed the Bulls 96-93, but the Magic are still strugg-a-ling

The short-handed and emotionally unstable Pistons plowed over the Bobcats, and Larry Brown is already whining.

GSW hoops ran out of gas in the fourth quarter falling to the Memphis Grizzlies.

Cleveland came into Dallas and won big.


Matt Holliday is selling his Denver-area home.

My Seattle area sources tell me that Raul Ibanez will NOT be back in Seattle, and that he may look to play closer to his Florida home. Tampa Bay, the Marlins, how about Atlanta? The Braves might be a good fit for Ibanez, but the Rays will be looking for a bat to replace Cliff Floyd and Rocco Baldelli in all likelihood. If Ibanez takes a Luis Gonzalez type deal, he could play for the Marlins, but he surely is worth more than that . I am going to guess Tampa for the win, Atlanta for the Place, and the Marlins for the Show. The Mariners are also very interested in Red Sox bench coach Brad Mills to be thier new manager, and he is number one on their list.


Oklahoma will be without their best pass-rusher for three weeks according to what Bob Stoops told me yesterday in the BIG XII media telconference. Yes, the Central Maine Sports Blog broke a story. No, no one credited us with anything. I do have the proof however, go here, and go to about the 6:30 mark. The stories about this are timestamped 2 hours after this teleconference.



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