Saturday, December 20, 2008

The BCS Story That Hasn't Been Talked About Enough

We all know the BCS is a joke, a farce, a load of crap, insert any derogatory comment here, and everyone has written the "Texas got screwed" column. The one column I have yet to see is the "Boise St got screwed" one, where someone argues that there is no way in hell Ohio St should have been given a game against Texas, and in doing so trumped Boise (who was higher ranked) in the BCS standings. Yes, I am well aware that Boise wouldn't be in the national title game, but at least they would be in a BCS Bowl, and could pocket quite a bit of money for their school and conference, all the while measuring themselves against a team like Texas that many believe should be playing in the national title game. Oh and keep in mind Boise went on the road this season and beat an Oregon team that is playing Oklahoma St in the Holiday bowl, so it's not like they beat up a bunch of Sister Mary's of the Poor.

Quick name the last big win Ohio St had over a non-Big Ten team. I'll wait.

Still waiting.

Setting the egg-timer.

Alright time is up. If you said "the 2002 National Title Game against Miami" you would be correct. Wait a minute, that happened on January 4th 2003. It is almost 2009. So in 6 years there has not been a memorable win for Ohio St against another BCS school not in thier conference? Wait they beat Kansas St in the Fiesta Bowl the next year, right? Does that count? Oh wait, they beat Notre Dame in the 2005 Fiesta Bowl, that's a good one, right? Isn't it? The answer obviously is no, it isn't.

Ohio St gets a ton of press for scheduling games against Texas and USC, but they got their asses handed to them in those match-ups. Then there are the last two BCS Title games, in which it was quite obvious that Ohio St had no business being on the field with either Florida or LSU. Unless Texas mentally folds like a cheap tent because of their lingering bitterness of knowing they beat Oklahoma, is there any possible way Ohio St keeps this game within 3 touchdowns? Don't you think Mack Brown will have his team motivated to show everyone they screwed up by not including Texas in the national title game? Do you believe Jim Tressel will deviate from an ultra-conservative game plan that he uses in every single game (see the USC game this year for an example)? Is there really a doubt that this game will be over by the third quarter at the latest?

The other part that makes me chuckle is the belief that all these Ohio St fans are going to run the doors down and head to Arizona. In case anyone has forgotten, the economy is crap, and the state of Ohio is certainly right up at the top of states that have been hammered by it. I assume plenty of families are going to say, "Screw this mortgage payment, let's head to Glendale!" Meanwhile Boise fans could drive down to the game, and many would, considering this game would mean much much more to Boise St than it would Ohio St. Once again Fiesta Bowl selection committee, thumbs up!

I'm not saying Boise would beat Texas, but I think there is a pretty solid case that Ohio St won't beat them, either. If anyone remembers the last time Boise played a Big XII school, they emptied the playbook, and many consider it one of the greatest college football games ever played. Think Boise is going to go into the game with a ho-hum attitude and just let Texas have their way with them? Do you think a casual football fan will be able to root for an Ohio St team that has shown time and time again that they are not on the same level as Big XII and SEC teams, or do you think they may find it easier to root for a clear cut underdog who has a history of playing big when it counts?

I will not watch a second of this year's Fiesta Bowl. I won't buy any Tostitos this year. I will however go out of my way to watch the Poinsettia Bowl between Boise and TCU, which I will go out on a limb and say will be twice the game that the Fiesta Bowl is. That game is on December 23rd, and I suggest you watch it. When you watch Boise, and say inevitably "wow these guys are good", remember that when the final score of this year's Fiesta Bowl is 58-10 Texas, it could have been a much more watchable and intriguing game. Don't believe the analysts who will tell you that this might be the second best BCS bowl game (that would be Utah/Alabama). More importantly, if you are in favor of a playoff system, do what I am doing with the Fiesta Bowl, not watching it. I have already decided I will be focusing much more attention on the FCS next season, and after watching the FCS playoffs this year (congrats Richmond), I feel very comfortable with that decision. Go Boise, Go Big Blue!



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