Sunday, December 28, 2008

God I Hate Brett Favre

What are you in town for? Oh, to play the Dolphins like a dumbass? Right....

For the second time in 6 years, the New England Patriots needed Brett Favre to defeat Chad Pennington in a Week 17 matchup to gain a playoff spot. In 2002, Favre and the Pack walked into the Meadowlands and got thumped 42-17-in no small thanks to a god-awful 16-33, 1 TD 1 INT performance from Favre. This time, Brett looked even worse throwing three picks (great thinking on that last pick by the way) as the Jets fell to the Pennington-led Dolphins, 24-17.

With that the Pats season is over. From Brady going down early, numerous other injuries that required the Pats to bring back Rosey Colvin and Junior Seau, the solid play of rookie LB Jerod Mayo to the emergence of Matt Cassel, 2008 was a great season given the adversity, a season we Pats' fans had not seen in, well, 6 years, when no game was a given. Regardless, there are too many emotions to give a comprehensive recap of the season and I can only muster this....

Brett, you suck. I can't even write the rest of this, so Matty is going to take it from here...

Editor's Note:

Well, we all knew it would happen. Like he did in the Meadowlands against the Jets in 2002 (see above entry), Brett Favre broke Pats fans hearts again tonight with a horrid, putrid, washed-up, "should have stayed retired" performance that propels the Miami Dolphins to the playoffs, and keeps the 11-5 Patriots at home. Tonight and from here on out, Pats fans should blame Favre. So with that The CMSB suggests "The Favre Boycott". As Patriots fans, we boycott anything Favre shills, be it Wrangler jeans, Prilsoec OTC, or anything else he gets commercial dollars for. I think a massive Wrangler burning is in order, if anyone has any ideas how we can make this happen, email the editor at Can we boycott Favre and hopefully send him away for his sins against Patriots Nation? Yes we can Patriots nation, yes we can.

Update: There is a "Boycott Brett Favre" Facebook group. Yes, you should join.


ryan said...

fuck you guys, nobody feels bad for the pats or their fans, maybe instead of relying on other teams to get into the playoffs... take care of it yourselves. you cant blame your lost season on favre, thats stupid. if you do then fuck off and keep your bitching and moaning to yourself.

MattyMSM said...

1. They went 11-5, It's not like they went 8-8.

2. Get a sense of humor.

Kevin said...

"classy:" owning up to your team by saying that you just didn't win enough games. things were screwed from day 1, with brady's injury, but still this team put together an impressive season after losing their star quarterback eight minutes into the season.

"petty:" putting the blame for not making the playoffs on other team. "if only brett had won the game, we'd be in the playoffs!" at least the dolphins earned their way in.

MattyMSM said...

Bland-Someone who doesn't have a sense of humor.

Delusional-If losing to the Arizona Cardinals is earning your way to the playoffs then keep saying it to yourself, maybe you will believe it.

Kevin said...'re absolutely right. Losing to the Cardinals in week 2, who had a top five offense in the first half of this season, definitely means that the Dolphins shouldn't have won the division. It's not like getting drubbed by San Diego at all (who, by the way, have a worse record than Arizona).

And, no offense meant, but I've never read this blog before. The writing comes across as serious, so if this is meant in jest, then fine. But the earnestness of the writing, coupled with the research (a FB page?) made me believe that it was meant to be taken seriously. And I'm friends with Patriots fans; this kind of thing isn't out of character :)

MattyMSM said...

I wrote this not only to vent after watch Favre throw an interception that even Tarvaris Jackson thinks was ridiculous, but also to see if people hated Favre or the Patriots more (so far the Pats are winning by a landslide). The Dolphins deserve to go in, they had the tiebreaker, and to come from where they have come from is phenomenal. I just find it tough to feel good about a team that has Joey Porter on it...

If I didn't touch my posts with a hint of sarcasm and self-deprication, frankly, I don't think I could do it.

But you have to admit, burning some old tattered Wranglers in protest of Brett Favre is a good idea, isn't it?

Kevin said...

Yes, Favre did play like crap. And I'm not even remotely looking forward to an off-season of "will he or won't he" again. Seriously, man, just hang it up. So yes, if you made me pick, I'd hate Favre more, between the two.

Hey, you don't have to tell me about Joey Porter. Just watch what you say; I've heard he has a short temper! :)

That's fair. Maybe I shouldn't take thing so literally :)

Oh, it's a great idea. Burning 3,300 of them would be even better!

Anonymous said...

Kevin you seem reasonable, at least you did not insinuate Pats fans are like the mentally retarded, but I will put it to like this.

On top of Favre now twice not helping out the Pats in 6 years, I have a special disdain for Brett. Having lived in the land o' cheese, I was tortured endlessly by my college buddies for their unwavering support of this guy, even when he chucked 6 picks against in the playoffs against a St.Louis D that had 11 picks all season long.

So, here he was, number 4, ready to redeem himself, and what does he do??? He lets the Dolphins walk right into the playoffs and take away MY playoff spot. All those Sundays of getting black out drunk and trying not to throw up on my keyboard Monday morning, wasted. All that effort, wasted....christ I think I might cry.


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