Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not So Fast Red Sox Nation is reporting that John Henry sent an e-mail to several media members, and that they "have been outbid for Mark Teixeira and and will not be a factor in signing him". The link is here.

Update: Sources close to the situation tell the CMSB that the Nationals have the high offer on the table and have since late last week. No word on what it is exactly, but with offers ranging from 8/160 and 8/184, it would be higher than that. In last week's article, it was known that Teixeira's family wants him with the Nats, and Boras was "blown away" that the Nats would be the high bidder, so he figured getting a higher offer from Boston was a "slam-dunk". Thinking that the Nats offer could be a starting point, Boras re-shopped his client. He tried to get the Red Sox to match, but to no avail apparently (see link in first update). The Angels are not budging off of 8/160, and the Orioles are not going above 150 mil. Barring an unforeseen circumstance (ie another team jumping in) or a change of heart amongst one of the organizations, expect Mark Teixeira to sign with or agree to terms with the Washington Nationals within the next 24 hours. Much of this coincides with posts made by Yahoo's Gordon Edes, and let's face it, it fits like a glove doesn't it? The team that is most desperate would be the one willing to go ten years, and if the BoSox and Angels are not, ladies and gentleman, it leaves the Nationals. The CMSB has reached out to other organizations involved for comment on the matter, updates when (or if) they come....

By the way Mr Boras, In case you visit the CMSB, if you want to tell us "way to go" or "Hey you're full of crap", feel free to contact us - or!



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