Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ronnie Brown...Really?

It's that time of year again! Yes, it's time to pick apart the NFL Pro Bowl selections. Many players, who seemed to be deserving ONCE AGAIN got snubbed. I understand that it's difficult to select everyone who is deserving, but some just see mind numbing. Where is Dallas Clark? How about Philip Rivers? Matt Cassel anyone?

The list goes on and on...and on...but today I will be concentrating on one individual, who got the royal screw job. I'm talking about my boy Steve Slaton.

It seemed to be a choice of Ronnie Brown or Slaton, with Brown getting the nod. This decision is embarrassing, and I'll prove it to you all. Let's analyze the numbers...

Rushing yards:

Brown: 827 NFL Rank-23rd AFC Rank-10th Slaton: 1,124 NFL Rank-8th AFC Rank-3rd

Advantage: Slaton

Average Yards Per-Rush:

Brown: 4.2 Slaton: 4.9

Advantage: Slaton

Rushing Touchdowns:

Brown: 10 Slaton: 8

Advantage: Brown

Receiving Stats:

Brown: 24 receptions for 218 yards Slaton: 40 receptions for 305 with a touchdown

Advantage: Slaton

Lost Fumbles:

Brown: 1 Slaton: 1

Advantage: Push


Brown: Runs Wildcat offense...has considerable backfield help with Ricky Williams...2-2 passing 1 TD...Team has a 9-5 record

Slaton: Rookie-of-the-Year Candidate...has NO help in the backfield...has rushed for over 100 yards in four of the last five games on "tired legs" has a 7-7 record

Advantage: Push

Final Score: 3.5--1.5 Slaton

Let's be honest...this decision was made for two reasons: Brown runs that Gimmick offense and Miami has a better record. If you go solely on stats, there is NO DOUBT Slaton had the better year.

I'm glad we honor players by team records, and how many times you line up behind a Fat Guy's ass.



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