Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Teixeira To Nationals "99%" According To Sources

Make that Nationals Red in the picture above. Sources within the Nationals Organization tell the Central Maine Sports Blog that the Nationals are "99% certain they will land slugger Mark Teixeira. Teixeira has narrowed the field down to the Red Sox and Nationals, with Teixeira and his family favoring Washington, and Boras pushing for the Red Sox."

The source went on to state that the Nationals had a conference call with the minor league officials today to make sure they could could take the draft pick hit (which I now assume was because they had someone targeted in the second round, perhaps, who knows really, but there was a call), which is only going to be a second rounder due to the fact a top 15 pick is protected in the first round. (This version corrects previous info that the Nats would lose two first round picks, which is not the case, thanks to Cork Gaines from Rays Index and one of our commenters below for that info)


Anonymous said...

the Nationals cannot lose any first round picks. Both of their Picks are protected as they are top 15.

if Tex signs, the Nationals will lose their 2nd Rounder most likely.

MattyMSM said...

Regardless of where the picks are. a far, system like the Nationals need to make sure they can make up that deficit somewhere, so it makes sense for the organization to talk about it anyways. Thank you for clearing up the protection rule, though...


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