Thursday, December 11, 2008

Time For Some Fantasy Reform

Looking to liven up that Fantasy Football League next year? Do you wish the Draft was longer? Do you feel bad for those lowly punters? Well, here is a list of new categories that will spice up any Fantasy League.

1. QB Kneels: Nothing says F-U like picking up a few late points when your QB drops to one knee.

2. Reserve Player Victories: Earn valuable points if you have the guts to start backups who see the field during a win. BenJarvus Green-Ellis anyone?

3. Punts inside the 20. One point for the dropping it on the 19...19 points for dropping it on the one.

4. Pancakes: Draft those big men early if you want to rule this category.

5. Fines:
2,500 dollar fine for your player? No problem, that's 25 points for you playa.

6. Rushing Attempts:
Hey, you get points for receptions...why not attempts?

7. Challenge Wins: Who says you can't draft coaches? Just stay away from Bil Cowher if he ends up coaching again.

8. Offensive Line Receptions/Yardage: It happens...rarely..but it does happen.

9. Defensive Injuries: Two points for knocking a guy out of the game. Five points for knocking a guy unconscious. A whopping ten points for a career-ender (Jack Tatum would be the king)!

10. Net Punting Average: Could you imagine the debate on draft day of which round the punters should start coming off the board?



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