Monday, December 22, 2008

What not to do at a Patriots game

This past Sunday Patriots' linebacker Junior Seau recorded the 1500th tackle of his NFL career, and was involved in Todd Kobus' first, and probably last, NFL tackle. No, Mr. Kobus is not an NFL player, he is a Patriots fan who decided part way through the 4th quarter that he needed to get into the action. So, the 31 year old Attleboro man decided to get out of his seat, jump over the wall separating players and fans, make his way to the Pats bench area and tackle the 19 year vet who stands 6'3" and tips the scales at roughly 250 to the ground--stats on Kobus unknown.

Despite concerns over player safety in the wake of several off field incidences in recent years that has claimed the lives of Sean Taylor, Darrent Williams and others, Seau took the incident lightly:

"I thought it was one of my players that was enjoying the win. As I was laying on the ground I saw this guy in street clothes," said Seau. "Obviously, it was not one of the players or any of the employees of the Patriots. Therefore, security came over and took care of him. I wish him a Merry Christmas."

That's one person who can make light of the incident. Kobus was taken into custody on Sunday and arraigned early Monday morning on the charges of assault and battery as well as trespassing. An Iraq veteran, Kobus stated that he only meant to hug Seau, whom he is a fan of, and is concerned how this will affect his military career, calling his actions "a stupid lapse in judgment". (Could've been worse, he could've picked Brandon Meriweather and been treated like an FIU player).

While you feel badly for someone who served our country possibly having their career damaged because of one stupid action on a Sunday afternoon, you have to ask the question--what the hell were you thinking?!?! Did you think about the possibility that your actions would be misconstrued, and possibly wind up eating your teeth at the hands of Seau's teammates who thought you were some deranged fan with a weapon and the intention of causing harm to someone? No, okay then.

Luckily no one was injured (and I am talking about Kobus), and while Kobus may be a great person who bravely served in the service, this has to be one of the least well thought out ideas in the history of sports fans--still behind the guy who ended up in the penalty box with Tie Domi 8 years ago mind you.

So here's a thought kiddies--stay in your seats, drink beer, throw snow, cheer on the Pats, and you too can avoid jail, public humiliation, the risk of having a large man push your face out through the back side of your head.......and oh yeah, having your relative's season tickets revoked by New England. Next time Todd, just send him a letter.



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