Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Brian Scalabrine Fan Club

Coming off of a 4 game losing streak, Celtics' head coach Doc Rivers decided to make a bold move that has been the key to Boston's recent 5 game win streak; insert Brian Scalabrine into the starting line-up. Of course the move was made only after starting big man Kendrick Perkins went down with a shoulder injury and the Celtics have no depth to speak of at the center spot.

While he may not have the sexiest of stats (8.4 ppg and 2.8 rpg over the past 5 games), the Celtics are now undefeated when he is in the starting line-up (5-0) and there is no reason to think that Kendrick Perkins will get his starting spot back, even though he leads the team in blocks and is second in rebounding. The fact is the Celtics have lost 8 games this season with Perkins in the starting line-up.

The point is to win basketball games, and we cannot be concerned with the fact that the guy who is not losing us games is a career 38% shooter, averages just 3.4 ppg or cannot jump over a Boston area phone book. The fact is Scal took to heart Herm Edwards' message that you "play to win the game", a lesson Perkins should continue to work on while he watches Scal do what's best for the team...defer to everyone else.



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