Friday, January 16, 2009

Jim Rome Channels His Inner Chris Farley

I usually listen to the "Jim Rome Show" daily while waiting for the show of the CMSB's Chris Sedenka, and usually Rome has decent interviews. Today though was obviously "Mail It In Friday".

Rome's final guest on Friday was PGA golfer Parker McLachlin. In lieu of spending the interview talking about Parker McLachlin, or his blog on Yardbarker, he spent the majority of the interview (like 9 questions out of 16 total) asking McLachlin about the time he played Barack Obama in a pick-up game. I don't take the media to task as often as I would like, but this was just an awful 15 minutes of radio. Rome took a very Chris Farley-like approach (see video above), seemingly asking the same question while using different words, and they were all about Obama. Here is a thought, albeit random, why don't you try and book Obama himself? Or his brother-in-law that Mike and Mike have ridden like a two dollar pony? This was along the same lines as interviewing the Angolan basketball player who was elbowed by Charles Barkley in the 1992 Olympics. (How sharp was Barkley's elbows?) Mr. McLachlin obviously has a career he is fairly good at and was probably worth more than another Obama squee-fest. Rome also made sure to stick a Tiger Woods question in there too, because the other 6 questions that may or may not have to do with McLachlin was obviously plenty.

This has nothing to do with the Dems or Republicans or black or white or anything like that. This is strictly a call out about one of the worst interviews ever. Rome did better work than this with Jim Everett. I know it's the Friday before a long weekend (didn't you just have a vacation, Rome?), but to make this the final parting shot of the week is just half-assed. Nice work.

You can listen to the interview here (you have to pay for it, but if you need a reason to be angry, it might be worth it)


JeffCMSB said...

Really...any reason why you chose Jeff Daniels...hmmmm

MattyMSM said...

Because of your Jeff Daniels man-crush...


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