Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Matty Chronicles

This is going to be a new segment where Matty basically says whatever comes to mind. This might be ugly. If you get offended or PO'd email us at editor@centralmainesportsblog.com. You have been warned.

1. Went to a HS B-Ball game or two last week. The thing I despise about HS basketball is the inconsistency of foul calls. I was at one game last week where one team had over 10 fouls called against them in the first half, and then had to get busy fouling people in the fourth quarter to get the other team into the bonus. The team did not play any differently, the game was called differently. You cannot do that. I understand officiating is hard and thankless, parents suck, and blah, blah, blah, blah, but give me a damn break already. If you cannot interpret the rule book, let someone else who can do the job.

2. I just got back from Foxwoods new MGM Grand hotel. A great place to be, although when I got there I was sick as death (think Dave Paymer as the Five Diamonds Award reviewer in Oceans 13) and when I left my wife caught what I had. Still a fantastic place (also a tip of the cap to to the girl working the check-out counter when I got there, I believe her name was Vanessa).

3. Why is everyone falling all over themselves for Nate F'N Robinson? He won a meaningless dunk contest, who gives a rat's ass? Kenny Walker, Dee Brown, Cedric Ceballos, Isaiah Rider, just to name a few, also won dunk contests. Don't believe the dunk contest hype folks. BTW I am going to give you all a poll question.

"Is calling Nate Robinson "The Black Leprechaun" after his dunk contest outfit the other night inappropriate or not?

The poll is on the side

Poll on the side, photo courtesy of Nathaniel S Butler, Getty Images



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