Wednesday, February 04, 2009

SI.Com must be Philly Phans

So unless you live under a rock and are completely shielded from NFL news, you would not know that Kurt Warner once bagged groceries (I know, how many times are we going to hear that) and that people want Donovan McNabb out of Philly. But are some people going out of there way to paint a picture that something is wrong in Philly? Well of course, what the hell else is the media going to do.

So here we have Dominic Bonvissuto, a , ahem, writer for As we all know--as in fact--the Eagles defense crapped the bed against Cardinals in the NFC Championship game. They gave up 369 yards and 32 points while allowing the Cardinals to drive down the field for a nearly 8 minute drive for the eventual game winning score. Well, apparently pointing this fact out is an egregious act.

Donovan McNabb--you know him, the QB who has had 20 some odd games with a quality receiver yet has gotten his team to the Conference game 5 times in an 8 year period--made some, according Dom, scathing comments.

"We were up, 25-24. [The Cardinals] drove down 72 yards by running the ball - probably, what, eight times? And it reminded me so much of [the NFC championship game in] St. Louis where, coming back in that second half, they ran the ball nine times with Marshall Faulk to keep our offense off the field. Because they were terrified of us going back out and scoring more points."

Oh my goodness. How dare McNabb, according Dom, "rile up the masses". How dare he point out the fact the Cardinals scored in the final quarter, a score that eventually won the game and chewed up a bunch of game clock. He should instead say that the Cardinals did not actually score, that the Eagles won and are on their way to Disneyland. That way we all think he is criminally insane....but hey, better than pointing out the truth.



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