Monday, February 09, 2009

UMaine Might Not Play Florida St After All

According to UMaine football media contact Doug DeBiase, the UMaine/Florida St game is looking like it won't be happening. However, the good news is that UMaine may have another D-1 opponent lined up, and it will be within driving distance.

"As of now, we are still under contract to play Florida State. However, it's looking more likely that we will play Syracuse next season. I have no other details at this time", said DeBiase.

There are rumors going around the Florida St/Miami message boards that ESPN is trying to finagle another FSU/Miami opener on Labor Day, which may or may not have prompted this move. Nice to see ESPN controlling the schedules for college football teams.

More on this as it develops, more than likely we will see the change once the UMaine 2009 schedule comes out. Get your Maine to Syracuse driving directions ready...



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