Friday, March 13, 2009

Danks and Matty's Mock Draft Episode III

Chris starts it off with the Pats at 23. Remember, Danks does the odd, I do the even. It must be because of my OCD...

23. Patriots select Clay Matthews Jr, OLB, USC
A natural at the position, he would fill in right away for the departed Mike Vrabel (Editors note: plus there is the Clay Matthews-Hoodie connection)

24. Falcons select Brian Cushing, LB USC
The release of Keith Brooking gives the Falcons and excuse to draft the long haired LB from USC. Yes, Mike Peterson was signed, but they need some youth that side of the ball, too.

25. Dol
phins select Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake
Miami needs more corner help, especially with the tremendous WR depth in the AFC East. Smith should bring some help to the secondary.

26. Ravens select James Laurinaitis, LB, Ohio St
In hind sight coming out into the draft last season might have been a good idea for Laurainitis. The Ravens however need a LB to fill the big shoes of the departed Bart Scott, and with all that talents around Laurinaitis should be able to contribute right away. At the very least his dad could show up to football games with purple spiked pads and the Ravens logo on them, that could be marketing gold...

27. Colts
select Evander Hood, DT, Mizzou
A rising prospect on the D-Line, should give added value to a Colts team looking to get tougher against the run. (Editors note:Especially in a division that runs the ball so well)

28. Eagles select William Beatty, OT, UConn
The Eagles have a lot of holes to fill (DB, WR, OL), but protecting Donovan McNabb should probably be a priority. Maybe they can use some money to re-sign Brian Dawkins? Oh wait, never mind...

Giants select Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma State
New York could use a wideout, but a good pass catching TE could also work wonders. Pettigrew is the best of the class

30. Titans select Jarron Gilbert, DE, San Jose ST
Gilbert's stock is rising at just the right time, and the Titans love to draft defense in the first round.

31. Cardinals select Chris Wells, RB, Ohio St
They need more depth at the RB position. Wells could fall into their laps. (Editors Note:JJ Arrington is gone, Edgerrin James will be gone (as soon as the Cardinals want to get done putting the screws to him) and Tim Hightower cannot do it himself. Another Ohio St player who should have come out last year)

32. Steelers select Michael Johnson, DE, Georgia Tech
What is with players with the last name of Johnson going to GA Tech? Anyways, many think Johnson is lazy, but he is a very good athlete who creates havoc on game day. Another solid defensive pick for the Steelers, who always seem to find the right players late in the draft.



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