Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Boring...Are You Kidding Me?

This tournament has been boring…seriously? People actually think the NCAA Tournament has been boring? Have you all gone mad? Did you see Pitt battle a 16-seed for 38 minutes? Did you watch Memphis and Villanova struggle to make it to the second round? How about the Ohio State-Sienna double-overtime game? Followed by Sienna nearly taking Louisville down? Did you witness Gonzaga, Oklahoma State and Missouri all scoring with just seconds to go for victories? Do you get the point yet?

How on Earth can a tournament with drama in nearly every game be boring? There was considerable drama 33 of the 48 games so far, but since all the one and two seeds are left this tourney must be boring. A school named Cleveland State knocked out the former number one team in the land…but since there are no “Cinderella’s” in the Sweet 16 this tourney must be boring. Yeah…right.

I was utterly disgusted Monday morning when I got online and noticed all of the articles bashing the Tourney. I never realized so many so-called “experts” don’t watch a lick of basketball. If they did, they certainly wouldn’t call this a dull tournament. There has been more drama in the first four days than there will be in the entire NBA playoffs. The first two rounds gave us more memorable moments than the College Bowl season. And let’s not forget there is six more days of lunacy to go.

I understand that people want to see the underdog prevail. It’s fun to cheer for the random Kent State rolling to the Elite Eight. But we also love to see the best basketball teams take on the best possible competition. I’m sorry but the Kent State’s, Davidson’s and George Mason’s of the world are not those teams. They may make a solid run, but they are not pound-for-pound the best squads.

Underdogs also give us great storylines as well. So what! Look at these potential storylines that could blow you away. First, there’s the possibility of having four Big East Teams in the Final Four. We could have a Duke/UNC rematch. Rivals Louisville and Memphis could play an epic. Could Gonzaga finally reach a Final Four? A Syracuse/UConn final? Hey the last time those teams played, they rolled six OT’s! I could go on for another ten pages.

I don’t want to hear that the Tourney is boring. There are plenty of great teams left…there have been plenty of great memories…there has been and will continue to be great drama…and without question, there will be some great storylines.

If you have been watching the games, you would see why too.



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