Monday, April 27, 2009

Chiefs and Lions add Players

University of Maine linebackers Jovan Belcher and Andrew Downey have agreed to rookie free agent deals with the Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions, respectively. Downey had a fantastic pro day in front of a Lions scout at UMaine's Pro Day. We were able to confirm the great news with both Downey and Belcher.

Asked how excited he was, Downey replied via text message.

"Very," said Downey.

He also confirmed he will be at Detroit's mini-camp this weekend.

Belcher will be asked to play linebacker for the Chiefs in the 3-4 defense. Even though his name was featured on the NFL network's "Stump the Truck" segment( the highlight is not him sadly), he went undrafted, although it did not take long to receive the call from Kansas City.

"Like a second after the last pick," said Belcher

Kansas City was a big surprise for Belcher, who had worked out for Detroit at the Pro day, Cincinnati and Baltimore.

"They came out of nowhere," said Belcher. "I mean I have been in contact with them but they didn't show that much interest."

Or so it seemed. Even though he went undrafted, he did not mind.

"I don't mind (that I wasn't drafted)," said Belcher. "An opportunity is what I wanted and the Chiefs gave me one, so I'm happy."

Congratulations to both young men on taking the next step in their football careers.



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