Wednesday, April 01, 2009


The ProJo takes a look at Connor Barwin.

Analysis of an interview with BJ Raji.

Matthew Stafford had a great workout for the Lions.

Mike Reiss tackles a mailbag on the Patriots upcoming draft.

The NY Times takes a crack at guessing the Colts #27 overall pick (FOFDT Scott Wright gets to chime in on that).

Stephen McGee is heading to Foxboro for a workout with the Pats.

The ProJo looks at Vandy's DJ Moore.

The Titans are looking at an Ohio St linebacker.

Oklahoma Sooners in the NFL Draft is the focus of this article.

The Chiefs are waiting for the Lions to decide which way they are going.

Quan Cosby is an intriguing prospect.


James Green and Ray Wladichuk and other prospects are awaiting the CFL Draft.

Duane Ford rakes a look at the CFL draft soap opera.

Trades may affect how the CFL draft goes, especially in Winnipeg.



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