Sunday, April 26, 2009

The NFL Draft is over, the questions are not

The 2009 NFL Draft brought us many great things, from distorted heads to Twitter, but now that it is over, there are many questions remaining. I don't believe in grading drafts, because let's face it no one has a damn clue the day after, but they were a few things that made me think this weekend.

1. Why were only two players from the CAA drafted? (Jovan Belcher and Andrew Downey from UMaine were not drafted, that is a travesty, but they have found deal as free agents, which is nice)

2. How was Ian Johnson not drafted?

3. Why doesn't Jamie Spears (Britney's dad) try to get a conservatorship of Al Davis so that the Raiders and there fans have a prayer?

4. Did the Chiefs blow it by taking Tyson Jackson #3 overall?

5. Why do teams get 5 minutes from round 2 through 7, shouldn't three minutes on Day 2 be enough?

6. What took the NFL Network so long to start doing more things in HD?

7. Why was Mark Sanchez's alleged criminal past never talked about by anyone ever?

8. Where will some of the best rookie free agents end up, and how many will have bigger impacts than players drafted before them?

9. Why were 3 punters drafted?

10. Why do teams keep trading with the Patriots?

Any questions you think should be answered?



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