Friday, April 10, 2009

Stay Classy ESPN

I have had a love/hate relationship with ESPN from the time I started this blog, mainly due to announcers and analysts I could not bear to listen to (Mark Schlereth, Joe Morgan, etc.). They have still been good to me, I have had good ESPN guests on the podcast and they are pretty good about access to their personalities. However, I am slightly appalled by today's "Poll Question" on the front of The link is below...

ESPN Poll Question for April 10th, 2009

Are they lumping in Nick Adenhart's death with the "Angels Pitching Injuries"? Is it possible that the crack staff in Bristol might be able to come up with a new poll question? I understand this may have been pre-planned, but in light of yesterday's tragic death of young man gone way too soon, I think the fact ESPN has decided to post a poll question about that team's pitching injuries, regardless of whether it is directly talking about Nick Adenhart or not, is a bit much. Nick Adenhart is not on the DL and he won't be back for the stretch run.

Update:The poll has been changed.



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