Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mike Hazen, Red Sox Director of Player Personnel

Mike Hazen, who is the Director of Player Personnel for the Boston Red Sox, joined us to talk about the draft and the Red Sox fertile minor league system. Some highlights include him stating that the scouting department is “already working on the 2010 draft”, that Casey Kelly is nearing his 100 innings limit for pitching this season and will play the rest of the year as a shortstop, that he was not worried about the the early season struggles of Lars Anderson and that he is back on the right track, talk about Mark Wagner possibly being in Pawtucket before the end of the year, Junichi Tazawa talk, and talk about some of the players from this year’s draft, including Luke Bard, Michael Yastremszki, and Raymond Fuentes. You can listen to that interview by clicking the play button below.



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